Ken Windjack in the best shape of his life

Ken Windjack

Now in his 60th year, Ken feels he is at his peak level of fitness. Through a lifetime of experience in the industry, testing health and fitness theories on the mind and body, Ken knows what works. 

Ken has received some commending accolades, after receiving a Bachelors in Physical Education in the United States Ken become a NCAA Division 1 Athlete and went on to spend 30 years as a Canadian PGA member which saw him play professional golf.

On this journey, it became clear Ken had gained an incredible knowledge of the body. Thriving for more, he decided to dive one step deeper into the mind. He headed to the high mountains of Thailand where he took a 200 hour meditation course with a monk. He then studied biofeedback meditation, which he uses with clients today; blending the best of ancient practices and science.

With over 40,000 hours of teaching, coaching and training in the health and fitness industry, Ken has narrowed his experiences and knowledge down to a 'T'. 

He calls it...

The Fitness Triad