Training Philosophy


The Fitness Triad

A training philosophy that has developed through a lifetime of experience in the health and fitness industry. Now, Ken Windjack shares his complete system that covers it all; health of the mind, body and soul. 


What is it?

Working Out, Working In & Nutrition

Working Out

Workout the body through science based training techniques, focusing on your ability and fitness level. Incorporating natural movement, weighted lifting, body weight exercises - you may even carry a log or two. Workouts are varied every 3-4 weeks to encourage your body to continually respond and improve through the principle of Muscle Confusion.

Working In

Working in is something we all know to be powerful but is often overlooked. Our minds take a beating in our current world. Understanding the importance of restoring it, hugely empowers our overall wellbeing. Incorporating Natural Bio-hacks like meditation, grounding/earthing and cold water thermogenesis allows us to reset ourselves from the inside out.


Fuelling your body with balanced nutrients is key to creating an energetic you. Diets are done, it's time to incorporate a lifestyle of balance; eat foods, not products. Nutritionally dense Whole Foods are all we need to satisfy our body and create an inspired, energised lifestyle. 


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